A2P Messaging

A turnkey A2P solution

Improve on your business messaging potential. Increase your earnings reliably and securely with our dedicated A2P messaging platforms. Power your service with unmatched SMSC-level global connectivity.


There is a huge untapped potential in the mobile industry today. For operators, application-to-person (A2P) messaging is the logical step towards boosting revenue. It's growing more rapidly than P2P and is estimated to become  the dominant SMS messaging channel in the next several years.

A2P is the largest profit generator in mobile messaging but it requires dedicating significant development and sales resources, therefore making it largely unattractive to mobile operators.

Topmark's A2P SMSC enables operators to tap into the revenue-generating A2P messaging business without investment in infrastructure or connectivity. Based on the A2P-specific Topmark SMSC deployed with multiple MNOs worldwide, it combines a robust back end with a flexible and customisable front end for easy rollout and proven reliability.

Over the years and based on our in depth knowledge and experience of this market, we have established a fully featured service ecosystem.
Topmark A2P SMSC is tailor-made for easy integration in any network and provides you with new ways of growth and expansion.


The A2P SMSC front and back end systems combine to provide unrivalled messaging traffic quality and reliability.

  • Front end: compiles all customer services and processes billing, statistics and related issues
  • SMSC: provides SS7 connectivity and advanced network features
  • Easily scalable and expandable
  • Client connectivity using SMPP, HTTP, XML
  • All messaging formats and features supported
  • MNP resolution through HLR lookups
  • Web applications for distribution to end users
  • 24/7 support


As a turnkey solution, A2P SMSC requires no investment in development or hardware, while flexible business models guarantee a win-win solution.

  • New revenue with no capital or operational investment
  • Turnkey solution, easily deployable in any network
  • Requires only an existing SS7 connection
  • Completely transparent, easily customised
  • Flexible business models

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