2-way messaging

Send and receive SMS directly into applications

Combining outbound SMS and inbound (reply) SMS services into a powerful 2-way SMS environment, brings powerful and immediate interaction from recipients of mobile marketing campaigns, promotions and other services requiring a response from the mobile subscriber.

Companies providing a conversational approach to their business, with the added value of including personalised content, 2-way SMS services give message recipients an increased feeling of caring and intimacy from the sender.

Identifying mobile interaction needs

Accounts, appointment reminders, order confirmations and other communications that require a response or confirmation from a recipient, need to be delivered timeously and within seconds of delivery. Topmark’s 2-way SMS service offers the ability to connect with your customers at any time of the day.

How can Topmark's 2-Way SMS solution help you?

Our platform is completely integrated – this means that you can send and receive SMS, collate and analyse the results, run a dynamic campaign; from one place. All campaigns are managed and tracked from the time the messages are sent from your own application or generated from within our web based message portals, ensuring successful delivery of the message to the customer and most importantly the accurate receipt of the response. The whole process is completely intuitive, so that you can jump in and use the service within minutes.

Topmark’s 2-way service offers varied response paths, from Hosted SIM, Virtual SIM* and Long Number replies, creating choice on the most cost-efficient method, with free 24/7 technical support and SMPP/HTTP API integration for developers where needed.

2-Way solution features:

  • Personalised, direct and immediate interaction with customers
  • Can have one or more dedicated numbers on Topmark's platform
  • The numbers are directly linked to your account
  • With Virtual SIM, numbers are stored in a virtual hosting setup
  • Messages received by the numbers are immediately processed and forwarded
  • Replies are stored in the portal inbox, forwarded to email or application API
  • You are able to use all the features such as Keywords or Auto-Replies
  • The up-time is directly tied to SMSC, so there's no chance of 'SIM malfunction'

*Virtual SIM hosting allows you to receive inbound SMS to your application on a dedicated number without the need for a physical SIM card. You are not restricted by your service users' geographic location and they can reach you from every corner of the globe.


Potential use of 2-way SMS:

SMS voting - Reality shows, academic projects.
Marketing surveys - Product preference, customer satisfaction.
Promotions - User opt-in / opt-out, location information.