Reliable and scalable high-end solution

Topmark is committed to providing quality mobile messaging and consistent message delivery that is monitored on a 24/7 basis.


Topmark provides continuous traffic monitoring through an in-house developed two-fold solution:

  • For top destinations - a continuous, active 24/7 monitoring of traffic using over a 100 SIM cards from operators all over the world
  • For other destinations - continuous traffic monitoring based on delivery reports forwarded by operators

Both systems ensure an immediate response to all events that might interfere with message delivery.


  • Constant supervision of the automatic system
  • Regular testing enables problem identification
  • Delivery reporting as the first indicator of irregularities
  • Comprehensive system status overview enables immediate response


Topmark continuous traffic monitoring ensures smooth and secure message traffic, enabling clients to maximize the potential of mobile messaging.

  • Assured continuous message traffic via available routes
  • Immediate response to all interferences
  • Greater message delivery reliability Strict
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) compliance respecting the highest industry standards
  • Better performance - lower costs