Simple SMS

Powerful cross-platform messaging

Topmark’s entry-level web based messaging application; Simple SMS provides reliable delivery of bulk or individual SMS messages over any Internet speed.


The lightweight interface of Simple SMS is designed to be accessible from any Internet connection and browser, allowing business to communicate via SMS anywhere in the world.

Simple SMS also provides message traffic reports in Excel or CSV format, and can be fully customised with company name, logo and unique URL (e.g.


Simple SMS gives business a fast, low cost way to communicate directly and efficiently with customers, colleagues and partners.

Whether you're looking to interact via SMS with a mobile sales team, send thousands of messages simultaneously to a marketing database, or simply send a quick text to a colleague or customer, Simple SMS allows you to do this and more from anywhere in the world. All you need is a basic web browser and a simple Internet connection; even dialup will work!

As well as encouraging greater interaction, mobile messaging can also help reduce waste and has a lower carbon footprint compared to paper-based communication methods.

Login to Simple SMS (Registered Users) or sign Up for a test account.



Quick SMS

Quick SMS allows you to easily send a message up to 50 recipients. Simply type or paste one or more recipient numbers, select a sender (either alphanumeric or a pre-configured numeric sender) enter your message, and press 'Send'.

Blast SMS

Designed to handle high volume SMS campaigns such as sales promotions or political campaigns, Blast SMS allows you to send targeted bulk SMS to thousands of recipients in just a few seconds. Recipient numbers can be uploaded easily and quickly in CSV or Excel format.


Simple SMS's reports page displays a message traffic overview for the previous 48 hours, with separate sections for messages sent from Quick SMS and Blast SMS. Reports can be downloaded in CSV or Excel format for easy import into other applications.


The Options page lets you manage your account, including registration of numeric senders and changing your password. You can also customise the appearance of Simple SMS with your own company name, logo and unique URL (e.g.


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