Mobile Messaging and Payments

Improved efficiency, instant messaging and 2-way communication are requirements for a modern business. TopmarkSMS focuses on developing mobile messaging solutions for companies that look for fast, interactive, user friendly and widely used communication methods.

At Topmark, we enable our partners and clients to mobilise their business quickly and with a minimum of cost. We are constantly developing and improving our web applications, which are essential tools for all our clients - financial institutions, large enterprises, software development companies, digital goods vendors and many more.

  • Business Centre

    Business Centre

    Business Centre delivers a complete web based platform that empowers companies to create customer communication through SMS, run marketing campaigns and manage account details.

  • Simple SMS

    Simple SMS

    Topmark’s entry-level web based messaging application; Simple SMS provides reliable delivery of bulk or individual SMS messages over any Internet speed.

  • HLR Lookup Packages

    HLR Lookup Packages

    For database cleaning, number validation and targeted campaigns, TopmarkSMS four HLR packages deliver on these requirements and meet the needs of a wide range of clients.

  • Resellers


    Rising demand for mobile services worldwide offers great opportunities for your business.

  • mGate


    mGate is a highly flexible and secure on-site or cloud based mobile messaging gateway, designed specifically for the needs of large enterprise customers.

  • Topmark USSD

    Topmark USSD

    USSD allows for interactive, menu driven, 2-way communication between subscribers and applications and offers a quick and direct way of transacting with clients.

  • Centili - Mobile Payments

    Centili - Mobile Payments

    By becoming a part of the mobile payment ecosystem, an enterprise can tap into the user demand for convenient and intelligent methods of purchasing digital goods using mobile technologies.


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